PLCEdit Features

A closer look at PLCEdit:

PLCEdit is an open project to create a free and simple editor for PLC source code which can be an interlinkage between the different IDEs on the market. According to the IEC61131-3 standard the following POU sources are supported: PROGRAM, FUNCTION, FUNCTION_BLOCK and also sources with global tags (eg. GLOBAL_VARIABLE_LIST and CONFIGURATION) and export files from CoDeSys which contains TYPE definitions.
The persons behind PLCEdit are not member of a IEC-61131 community. The software was only written to be compliant to the standards and is not exhaustive!

Looking for more information about the capabilities of PLCEdit? Check out the Help and FAQ pages.
  • compatible to:
    • plain text POUs
    • 3S CoDeSys v2.3 export files
    • KW-Software MULTIPROG IL and ST files
    • Mitsubishi MELSOFT export files
    • Moeller Sucosoft S40 POE sources
    • Siemens STEP 7 AWL and SCL sources
  • support for IEC61131-3 languages:
      Instruction List (IL) and Structured Text (ST)
  • Sessions (lists with file paths)
  • function block call dialog
  • POU conversion as batch processing
  • platform independent source