v2.0b Dev Report No. 6

A lot of work was done. And there is only one
open issue from the last ToDo list.
Now its around christmas time and maybe the
CoDeSys problem is to much to solve it during
the last days of this year
. I want to include the
fix in RC1 ... I’m sorry, but you have to wait.
If you want a fixed batch convert I would please
you to download the linux file. It includes the
latest stable source, which could be compiled
easily „at home“ or ask me for an executable.

I have updated the project website. It shows
now a docs menu, which contains a changelog
and holds links for the FAQ and the Help.

The actual todo list:
- better CoDeSys support (done)
- disabled menu items greyed out (done)
(- Sucosoft checksum support (n/a))